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    Corfu is Sierra Madre’s choice for the best Mediterranean dining!  Healthy, fresh and unique, their delicious menu will have you coming back time and time again.  » Read More

  • Zelo Pizza logo image

    Zelo Pizzeria

    For a Sierra Madre pizza restaurant that gives you the freshest ingredients crafted together into delicious gourmet pizzas, Zelo Pizzeria is the perfect place for you!  » Read More

  • casa del rey logo image

    Casa del Rey

    This family owned and operated restaurant has been serving superb, authentic Mexican food since 1972!  They use the freshest ingredients to craft together the highest quality dishes for you and your family. » Read More

  • Creative Arts Group logo image

    Creative Arts Group

    For Sierra Madre art workshops or Sierra Madre art exhibitions, visit the Creative Arts Group today at! » Read More

  • The Ice House Comedy Club logo image

    The Ice House Comedy Club

    Always providing you and Sierra Madre residents with great promotions, deals and specials, you can guarantee that every time you visit The Ice House Comedy Club, you will be dying to come back!  Check out to see great specials like five dollar weekends, three dollar Wednesdays and free admission on your birthday!   » Read More

  • Roger Joe D.D.S. LOGO IMAGE

    Roger Joe, D.D.S. Family...

    The entire team at Roger Joe, D.D.S. is completely committed to giving you the complete positive dental experience you deserve.  Whether you are in Arcadia or Sierra Madre, you will receive first-rate service for all the dental needs you have.  Your entire family will be proud to call Roger Joe DDS their family dentist.  » Read More

  • Arroyo Insurance Services logo image

    Arroyo Insurance Services

    When looking for insurance services near Sierra Madre, you want the most professional and ethical risk management services, the most reasonable insurance coverage solutions and the broadest coverage there is, all at the best price.  And that’s exactly what you get with Arroyo Insurance Services in Pasadena.  » Read More

  • Flintridge Riding Club logo image

    Flintridge Riding Club

    For 90 years now, the Flintridge Riding Club in La Canada has served as a private family riding club near Sierra Madre.  Offering fellowship, excellent facilities and a phenomenal training and instruction program, it is the perfect place for members to share in their common love of the horse.  Whether you love riding and socializing or wish to compete, this club can accommodate... » Read More

  • 300 Pasadena logo image

    300 Pasadena

    Genuine fun for the entire family is guaranteed when you drop on by 300 Pasadena!  Now they are offering $10 All You Can Bowl, so take advantage of unlimited bowling Monday through Thursday.  If your kids are under twelve, they can actually bowl for free until August 31st!  Visit to register your kid today and sign them up for the... » Read More

  • Arcadia Rock Climbing

    Arcadia Rock Climbing

    Whether you’re looking for a great workout or a fun time with friends, Arcadia Rock Climbing (ARC) is the perfect destination for your next day or night out! As one of the largest indoor bouldering gyms in the country, Arcadia Rock Climbing provides a fun and challenging time. » Read More

  • Molly Maid Pasadena logo

    Molly Maid Pasadena

    Cleaning your house can be both exhausting and time-consuming, but with Molly Maid, you can clear up you schedule and spend more time doing things you actually like! Providing a clean you can trust, Molly Maid is located in Pasadena, making it your ideal choice for professional residential cleaning services.  » Read More

  • del sol flowers logo

    Del Sol Flowers

    At Del Sol Flowers, they make more than floral arrangements; they create art.  With a dedication to perfection, Del Sol Flowers in Arcadia is “simply the best” custom floral designer in the Los Angeles area.  » Read More

  • Sierra Fitness logo

    Sierra Fitness

    Crave a Sierra Madre gym that truly works for you?  Sierra Fitness has proudly been serving Sierra Madre residents and surrounding locals with first-rate fitness services since 1994! » Read More

  • Butterfly Effect Day Spa logo

    Butterfly Effect Day Spa

    Have you ever fallen in love with a spa?  If you haven’t been to the Butterfly Effect Day Spa in Sierra Madre, you are truly missing out on the ultimate way to treat yourself! » Read More

  • Capelli Court Salon logo

    Capelli Court Salon

    This gorgeous salon has a talented group of hairstylists who are true experts in their field!  Committed to giving you the exact look you desire, the wonderful staff at the Capelli Court Salon will work with you to achieve your goals.  » Read More

  • Vivian Lee Ortho logo

    Vivian Lee Orthodontics

    » Read More

  • Tsinoglou Realty

    Tsinoglou Realty

    If you’re looking for a real estate company you can trust, Tsinoglou Realty is the perfect pick for you.  As one of Sierra Madre’s leading real estate teams, Luther and Georgina Tsinoglou are dedicated to your needs and will design a plan to help you accomplish your most important objectives.  » Read More

  • Santa Anita Park logo

    Santa Anita Park

    Santa Anita Park was founded on Christmas Day in 1934, and now, 78 years later, it is one of the premier race tracks in California and the world.With a combination of world class racing, timeless architecture, lush gardens and a breathtaking mountain backdrop, Santa Anita Park embodies an atmosphere of lavish comfort. Whether youre looking to host a special event, have a truly elegant... » Read More - Featured Columnists
  • Why Purchase an Extended...

    Most manufacturers will give products at least a 30 or 90 day warranty.  Some will even give up to 1 year.  And there are several stipulations that often surround this warranty. Some companies will only cover the parts, not the labor (which is costly) for example.  What’s worse, you may have different periods of coverage for different types of repairs.  It’s... » Read More

  • Beautiful hillside homes in and around Sierra Madre, California.

    The Sierra Madre Community

    The city of Sierra Madre is a cohesive community, though it is also very much a part of the greater Los Angeles area. Its nearest neighbor is Pasadena, where many of the residents venture for practical reasons, as well as for nightlife and other fun. The community itself does have parks, city facilities and is a municipality in and of itself, however, and residents have plenty to do without... » Read More

The Sierra Madre Community
The city of Sierra Madre is a cohesive community, though it is also very much a part of the greater Los Angeles area. Its nearest neighbor is...
 Things To Do
Things To Do
Find Great Golf, Live Music and More
While it was once primarily a resort community, Sierra Madre is very much a community full of real people who have a real need for fun now and...
Making Hotel Reservations in Sierra Madre
Sierra Madre hotels comprise a range of options. There are simpler affairs, designed to provide travelers a clean and warm place to spend the...
Sierra Madre Restaurant Options
Sierra Madre restaurants include numerous different options. There are formal sit-down establishments where you can enjoy meals that are prepared...
 Real Estate
Real Estate
Make Sierra Madre Your New Home
Sierra Madre real estate, like most California real estate, is very diverse. You can spend millions on an estate that would be considered luxury...
From Practical to Luxury
Sierra Madre has always catered to those who visit just to have a bit of fun. Originally a resort community, the city also has strong agricultural...
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All about Sierra Madre, CA

Sierra Madre lies in Los Angeles County, but is a bit removed from the energetic center of the city from which that county takes its name. Since the 1800s, this community has been associated with summer resorts and still boasts a good deal of recreational facilities. Sierra Madre hotels include simple places to spend the night when youre passing through and high-end, luxury resorts where you can spend your vacation in style. The city also offers a host of events, held throughout the ear, which encompass a wide range of options.

Sierra Madre real estate tends to be priced in the high-end range, and there are numerous luxury estates to be found in this community. The city borders Pasadena, which lies to the west, and Arcadia, which lies to the south and east of Sierra Madre. The city is most famous for being located on the San Gabriel foothills, which affords residents excellent views and access to outdoor spaces where they can relax and enjoy the scenery. Sierra Madre, CA is also famous for a vine, which sounds odd at first blush but which makes perfect sense when you find out about that vine.

Once per year, residents and visitors are allowed to see the city's famous Chinese Wisteria. This vine was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest of blooming plants. The specimen found in Sierra Madre, California is over 100 years old and is a popular floral mascot for the community. The festival at which the vine is shown is appropriately called the "Wisteria Festival" and is one of the more popular events in the city, providing a handy excuse to get out and meet others in the community and to engage in some fun activities.

Sierra Madre restaurants include a broad range of options. There are plenty of places to enjoy a gourmet meal, just as there are simple places to grab a bite to eat throughout the community. Some of the popular local events include the concerts given in Memorial Park and various family activities thrown by the city, including Easter Egg hunts and other seasonal events. This community has just over 10,000 residents, good elementary and high school options and boasts convenient access to all that the nearby metropolis of LA has to offer. Its proximity to the San Gabriel foothills makes it a nice alternative to urban living.

Sierra Madre Latest Blog Posts
Venturing Outside Sierra Madre for Nature

There are quite a few chances to experience the amazing nature that Sierra Madre has to offer. There are quite a few parks within the city, as well as many nature conservatories that are located in the surrounding area. One of the more popular nature conservatories near Sierra Madre is the Arboretum and Botanic Garden in Los Angeles County.The Arboretum and Botanic Garden covers over 127...

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Sierra Madre for Thespians

With its close proximity to Los Angeles, the film capital of the world, is it any wonder that Sierra Madre, California, has a rich history of stage and theater? The Sierra Madre Playhouse is located...

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Fun for Artistic Folks of Sierra Madre

Im a true blue lover of the arts, and I mean arts of all kinds. Dance, music, visual, performing- it really doesnt matter. To this end, I make sure that when I visit somewhere new, I make sure...

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Harlequin Gallery
14 N Baldwin Ave, Sierra Madre, CA 91024
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Skin Care & Body Work By Laura Hirsh
49 S Baldwin Ave Ste C, Sierra Madre, CA 91024
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Henry Engineering
503 Key Vista Dr, Sierra Madre, CA 91024
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